New Basin Blues Running Club - Board Minutes

NBB BOD Minutes for 9/10/2017
13 September, 2017

New Basin Blues Running Club
Minutes for 9/10/2017

Naomi Bisagno, President
Amir Medovoi, Board Director
Lubos Brieda, Board Director
Jennifer Sunahara, Board Director
Mariela Mariscal, Board Director

Helga Jessen, Treasurer
Sandy Gitmed, Secretary
Daisy Mendoza, Board Director

Naomi called the meeting at 9:31am

I Introduction:
New Board Members welcomed and roles discussed.

II Board of Director Duties
    -Board Members should be knowledgeable and up to date about NBB, its club functions and activities.
    -Board Members are expected to assist with general communication to the club at-large.
    -Board Members should help plan and make sure runs go smoothly.

III Goals for 2017-2018
      1.  Raise money for the club
           - Relay Race - “Resolution Relay”
              * Naomi is thinking of a Relay Style race at Hanson Dam.
              * Invite other clubs to put together teams to participate.
              * Charge maybe $20 for simple race.
          -Paid Volunteering is a possibility NBB undertook in the past.
          -Jen mentioned sending in old shoes in return for money.
      2.  Increase NBB memberships via promotion
           -Training Shirts, Jen suggested the $15.00 Rabbit stock that we could print on.
      3.  Continue our excellent social media presence.
           -Mariela has done great work.
           -Can also post events on Strava.
       4.  Continue our strong showing at races and other running events.

IV Officer Appointments
     1.  Board to set dates for nominations.
           -4 Officer Positions are available and must be made available to the club.
           -If any NBB member might be interested in taking a position the BOD must know about it.
           -BOD should know if current officers would like to resume or not resume their positions for another term.
             * President - Naomi would likely stay on.
             * Vice President - this position is open.
             * Treasurer - Hoping Helga stays on.
             * Secretary - Sandy if she wants to remain Secretary can do so and if not, Amir can fill in position.

V Rocky Peak

  • T-Shirts and Medals (Bottle Openers) are on the way.
  • Durvin's may need more assistance.
  • Rocky Peak could use more promotion to succeed.
  • Utilize Alexis ?
  • NBB will have a presence at the Finish Line.

VI XC Shoe Fund event

  • Adidas paying for the XC shoes this year.
  • Promotion Needed.
  • Meet at FF Encino Store 9/23/2017 - What time ?
  • Get this on official NBB Calendar ASAP !!!!!
  • Run to Balboa Park
  • Breakfast - Jeff Vanini can set up his pancake breakfast and If not, Amir will get the bagels like prior year.
  • FF Encino has some games in mind.
  • NBB should help out to ensure safety of HS runners and help with the hand out of shoes.

VII. Run Calendar

  • Runs should be planned and posted 3-4 months advanced.
  • We have traditional runs to pick from but we can ask club members if they want to share/host special trail runs they know about.

VIII. Club Banquet Rescheduled

  • Date Nominally set for final week of January, 2018.

Meeting adjourned at 10:10 am

March 12, 2017
13 March, 2017

Pending Board Approval



Naomi Bisagno, President
Alejandro Escobedo, Board Director
Amir Medovoi, Board Director
Jennifer Sunahara, Board Director
Tim Panec, Board Director
Todd Covert, Board Director
Helga Jessen, Treasurer
Abigail Canizales, Co-Chair, Racing Committee
Rene Canizales, Co-Chair, Racing Committee
Larry & Nancy Dervin, Guests


Sandy Gitmed, Secretary

Naomi called the meeting at 11:00am

Current Meeting Agenda Items

I.   Meetings
  (a) General Club Meetings will be held in the future.
      (b) Board Meetings are usually open to club members and pre-announced but not always.

II.  Social Runs
      (a) Sunday Runs have been posted through June.
      (b) Thursday Runs
             * Will be held at Balboa for next 2 weeks.
             * March 30th will be held at Top of Reseda.
             * From April 6th Thursday runs will alternate between Balboa and Top of Reseda for next several months unless notified otherwise.

III.  Leadership Committee (AKA Election / Volunteer Committee) update by Tim Panec
       (a) Caryn may need some assistance with the Committee as Lisa has family health issues.
       (b) Volunteer inquiries have been minimal.
       (c) Daisy & Mariela have expressed interest in Board Director or other positions.

IV.  Rocky Peak 50K / 30K Trail Races update by Nancy Dervin
       (a) To be held October 14, 2017 
       (b) Budgets need to be known.
       (c) Permits Granted Verbal but not Final Approval.
       (d) Nancy passed out a spread sheet time-line for tasks required - special need for Course Maps verbalized.
       (e) NBB Liasion to Trail Run Events and Coordinator of NBB Volunteering for Rocky Peak is Jennifer Sunahara.
       (f) Sponsors being sought but will be left off promotional media for now.
       (g) Green Logo for Rocky Peak may change color.
       (f) Akiko created a visually beautiful flyer.
       (g) Dedicated Instagram account established and same may be done on Face Book.

V.  For Future Discussion
     (a) Cross Country Shoe Fund
           * Usually held Saturday after Labor Day.
     (b) Banquet
           * If? / When?
           * Banquet traditionally a great way to drive membership.

VI.  Race Committee updates by Rene and Abby Canizales
      (a) NBB Race Series
            * Dates Set for Basin 5000 on 7/12/2017 and NBB Championship 10K at Hansom Dam on 8/15/2017. 
            * Point system and prises still under consideration but participation will be a rewarded.
      (d) NBB Club Racing Uniform. 
 * Displayed Race Kits by The Rabbit Apparel for our Club Racing.
           * Bulk Pricing of 40% off granted to NBB where 10 units are bought together pre-ordered.
           * Singlets and shorts will be available a la carte.
           * Logo to have NBB Bold lettering and New Basin Blues in little lettering underneath.
           * Logo will be iron-on at a cost of about $1.00, a big savings vs. Screen Printing.

VII.  Website Suggestions 
       (a) Rene would like to hear thoughts about placement of info on the website.  Placement can make a big difference in activity.

Meeting Adjourned 11:45 am


June 8, 2016
09 June, 2016

Pending Board Approval



Rene Canizales, President
Naomi Bisagno, Vice President & Board Director
Amir Medovoi, Board Director
Alejandro Escobedo, Board Director


Leopoldo Islas, Board Director
Jennifer Sunahara, Board Director
Helga Jessen, Treasurer
Sandy Gitmed, Secretary

Naomi called the meeting at 7:50pm

Current Meeting Agenda Items

1.  Sunday Runs
* Goals:
        (1) Schedule Routes and Run Leaders 3 months in advanced.
        (2) Keep Sunday Runs fun, Safe and Social. 
     *  June 26 - Helga's (Point to Point)
         (Volunteer Drivers Needed / RSVP for both drivers and Participants).  
         3 Start Options for this Point to Point run:
         (a) Walkers: from and back to Helgas (5-6 Miles)
         (b) TOR to Helgas (8 Miles)
         (c) West Mulholland Drive (dirt) (14 Miles)
     *  July 3rd - Las Llajas
     *  July 10 - TOR
     *  July 17 - Griffith Park
     *  July 24 - Amir will pick
     *  July 31 - Polo will Pick
     *  August 7th - Jen will Pick
     *  August 14th - Alex will Pick
     *  August 21st - Naomi will Pick
     *  August 28th - Rene will Pick (Aliso Canyon)

2.  Thursday Runs
     * 3 months TOR / Balboa Park / Aliso Canyon
     * Pizza Night reconsidered, will trial a pizza donation button on web site, see in future if budget permits regularity

3.  Saturday Runs
Ismael & Abby lead XC Team runs.  
    * Email/Text interested people by Thursday night schedule.

4.  Summer Basin 5000 Time Trial Series
Eventually, a valley alternative to COC, Simi Valley, La Crescenta & Palmdale.
     * Perhaps 3 trials, possibly instead of current Thursday or Sunday runs.

5.  Simi Valley Race
     * Basic Terms:
L&N front the money, NBB splits profits.
     * Race Course:
 Approaching Barry & Daisy to scout.
     * Logo:  Approaching Adam and/or Akiko. 
     * MC:  Charlie suggested.

6. Camping
     * Catalina Trip
Proposed for August or September: 3 days / 2 nights camping about $108 per person.
     * Angeles Crest Trip
in July, overlaps with Adidas Run. Run will need to be rescheduled.

7.  Situation of Member R.L.
* Drive to Helga's and celebrate birthday.
     * Email help requested.  (Club Blogging/Emailing may be a future job, perhaps recruit Isabella).

8.  Shirts & Race Jerseys
Different Designs in the works.
     * Generational Shirt Designs suggested.

9.  Sponsorship Update
     * Adidas:  
Gear Received, Check Deposited.
     * Fleet Feet: Gear for top 7 XC Girls only, discount for NBB members.
     * InSoles:  XC Team receives Insoles, Club receives discount.  
     * Codfather: Discounts
     * RoadRunner SM:  Declined for lack of resources.

10.  Established Positions:
    * Membership Inquiries -
    * Sponsorship Inquiries -
    * Other Communication -
    * Outgoing Emails/Blogs - approach Isabella.

In future, we will see if we have matters from prior Minutes that ought to be addressed.

Meeting Adjourned 9:45 pm

March 28, 2016
30 March, 2016

Pending Board Approval



Rene Canizales, President 
Naomi Bisagno, Vice President & Board Director
Amir Medovoi, Board Director
Leopoldo Islas, Board Director 
Jennifer Sunahara, Board Director
Alejandro Escobedo, Board Director


Helga Jessen, Treasurer
Sandy Gitmed, Secretary

Naomi called the meeting at 7:15pm

Current Meeting Agenda Items

I.   Contact Information Distributed

II.  Mission Statement (to be made visible on website):  

Our mission is to unite runners(and walkers) of all levels, ages and types, to promote the sport of running throughout the San Fernando Valley, to serve its communities and beyond, to educate those new to the sport and build relationships through this common passion.

III.  Committees Framework Presented (Descriptions/Functions/Duties):  

1.  Run Committee (all board members must participate beginning Memorial Weekend) - Rene chair

  • Run Committee Chair Duties:
    1.  Manage Web Site (Post Submitted Upcoming Runs)
    2.  Assign and manage dates to board member/run leaders
  • Sunday Run Leader Duties:
    1.  COURSE SELECTION - 2 options:
    (A) Pick from 6 NBB Classsics archived on NBB Website (We will rotate through all of these about every 4 months).
          a.  Top of Reseda
          b.  Cheseboro (from City Park),
          c.  Griffith Park (Autry Museum),
          d.  Malibu Creek (From Paramount Ranch),
          e.  Las Llajas,
          f.   Aliso Canyon
    (B) Create your own Course.
          a.  Pick a location/trail
               - with ample parking.
               - Bathrooms a plus but not required.
               - Consider Park Restrictions (i.e. National/State Parks:  Maximum of 12 Cars / 50 People or permit required).
          b.  Map out at least 2 routes on mapmyrun: 
               (i) Runners 6-12 miles, and
               (ii) Shorter Run and Walkers Under 6 miles.
          c.  Submit routes/links/description to Run Committee Chair so posted on NBB Website.
    2.  ANNOUNCEMENTS - Give course instructions on day of run (Make Sure no one gets lost).  
         i.  Include all course options.
         ii. All options should be announced and on NBB website well in advanced.
         iii. Disclaimer to help members determine if qualified to run the longer route, both announced and on NBB website well in advanced.
    3.  MARK COURSE - Have a plan to mark the course if needed (use polo or faster runners).
    4.  WAIVERS - All Run Leaders must ALWAYS secure written waivers from newbies before commencing a run.
    5.  COOLER DUTY - All Run Leaders to purchase water, carry cooler and submit receipt to Treasurer.
  •  Thursday Run Leader Duties          
    1.  Rene to lead Thursday Runs untill we have a standard format.
    2.  Runners will have an hour long workout / training type run.
         - Examples:  Tempo, Intervals, Fartleks & Hill Repeats,
         - Goal: Keep club together with beneficial workout.
    3. No Thursday Cooler requirement but Alex may continue to bring his personal Cooler to share with the club and shall submit receipts to treasurer for reimbursement.

2.  Social Media and Email Committee:

  • Chair duties:
    Manage email/fb message inquiries (Amir)
    Manage social media outlets such as Facebook and Instagram
    Gather pictures and information to post
    Post on upcoming events
  • Trusted admins:
    Post on NBB approved upcoming events
    Submit pictures to admins or post pictures from past event
  • Bloggers:
    Writes articles about new basin blues past and upcoming events, NBB members, tips for runners, running news in the valley, charities supported.

3.  Events committee

  • Chair duties:
    Formulate ideas and plans for events & races. 
    Assemble Committee / Volunteer Team to Implement Event.
    Take on tasks as needed, aid in specific research needed.
  • Anticipated Events / Races
    Day Trips / Special Runs - i.e. Sycamore Beach BBQ
    Long Trips - i.e. Bus Rental to CIM / Muir Woods 
    Races i.e. Basin Race / Series.
    Annual Banquet.

4.  Post Run Social Committee

  • Chair duties:
    Manage the cooler, table and coffee each week for Sunday runs, assigning dates to volunteers for each as needed.
    Volunteers:  Take coffee or table on assigned dates. (Sandra Coffee)

5.  Philanthropy Committee

  • XC Fund
    - Formulate plan for the XC Fund.
    - Work with Trail Run Events
    - Goals and Reach changing so Event should be modified.
    - 2 schools (30 students) $60/ Shoe = $3,600 minimum
    - Bring to FF.
  • GreenBag
    - Pack and Deliver to Skid Row Recipients

6.  Marketing Development

  • Chair duties:
    Manages and formulates new marketing outlets
    Manage website, merchandise and designs, print material and designs
    Designer: formulate designs for new basin blues, shirts and/or print material (Adam)
    Researcher: research and survey for desired merchandise, find wholesale to buy and print
    Marketing assistant: aid chairs in marketing development
    Photographer: takes photos of any new basin blues functions, sifts through pictures and submits them (Mariela).
  • Post open/ needed positions on the NBB Web Site

7.  Racing team:

  • Chair duties:
    Manages team and recruitment, manages race entries and uniforms.

8.  Walkers:

  • Chair duties:
    Currently to find a leader to unite and organize walkers for Thursday's and Sundays, formulate plan for leader and how to grow/unite this group (Amy).

IV.  Proposal: Naomi resigns from board

  • Discussed possibility that Naomi resign to make way for new Director.  
  • Naomi retracted her proposal to remain on the Board of Directors.

V.   Sponsorships Negotiations Board Update

  • FF
  • Adidas
  • InSoles
  • The Cod Father

VI.  Banquet Funds

  • Board of Directors voted to use funds raised at the Banquet to pay for the Banquet rather than replenish the XC Fund.

VII.  Future Board Meeting issues

  • Sunday Runs - TOR vs other parks And parking issues
  • Thursday runs - balboa vs trails
  • Coaches - does NBB need a coach? Does NBB want coach pat Connelly involved?
    Coach farm system

Meeting Adjourned 9:45 pm

March 13, 2016
14 March, 2016



Rene Canizales, President (Arrived late)
Naomi Bisagno, Vice President & Board Director
Amir Medovoi, Board Director
Leopoldo Islas, Board Director (Arrived late)
Jennifer Sunahara, Board Director
Alejandro Escobedo, Board Director


Helga Jessen, Treasurer
Sandy Gitmed, Secretary

Naomi called the meeting at 10:50am

Current Meeting Agenda Items

Naomi discussed the need to have another meeting in the near future to discuss the following matters:

  1. Board Members rotating as Run Leaders
  2. Update on discussions with Partners & Sponsorship 
  3. Post-Banquet Budget update 
  4. Pros & Cons of Naomi resigning her position as Director on the Board to expand club representation.

Meeting Adjourned 11:00am


December 6, 2015
16 December, 2015

Rene Canizales, President
Helga Jessen, Treasurer
Naomi Bisagno, Board Director
Amir Medovoi, Board Director
Leopoldo Islas, Board Director
Jennifer Sunahara, Board Director
Alejandro Escobedo, Board Director
Lionel, Guest
Lenny, Guest
Johnny, Guest 
Sandy Gitmed, Secretary

Rene called the meeting at 9:31am

Lionel made an appeal that as New Basin Blues shifts towards a competitive racing club that it retain its philoanthropic roots and that we make a greater effort to broadcast our charitable works to the greater community.

Current Meeting Agenda Items:


  • Bylaws approved without Amendments, Sandy should also agree and sign on behalf of the Board of
  • Board of Directors tacitly agreed that voting for Officers should be in person as per Bylaws but other matters could be agreed to by email.


  •  Budget adjustment reflects revenue of $3,410 from memberships and shirt sales.
  • Helga informed us that we are currently spending approximately $560 annually more than we generate. However, Helga expects matching funds from employer donors to help close the gap.

Mission Statement:

  •  Rene and Naomi to formulate a new Mission Statement based on Duffy's Prior Mission Statement.


  • In forming committees the Board attempted to define the order of importance future committees to build.
  • Board Felt committees should be from most important to least in the following order:
  • Membership / Recruitment / Marketing & Promotion
  • Fund Raising (Charity) & Revenue Generation (Operations)
  •  Social Activities (i.e. Banquet, movie nights out etc)

 Run & Walk Leaders

  • Roles to be defined (roles may include Course Selection / Marking / Hand-holding / Representing Paces)
  • Run Leader – Possibly Polo or we keep looking for volunteers.
  • Walk Leader – Alex will find a Walk Leader / Representative.


  • Fleet Feet:
    • Fleet Feet will cover 50% cost of warm ups for Women's National XC Championship.
    • NBB to cover cost of printing and Women to purchase warm ups individually.
    • NBB will seek further cooperation with Fleet Feet (possibilities: Joint Runs, Bulletin Board, sell NBB merchandise at Fleet Feet)
    • Possibly bring back the XC Shoe Charity back to Fleet Feet from A Runner's Circle (Rene would also like to shrink the program to a smaller poorer pool of recipients, exact more control if we keep).
  •  Adidas:
    •  Adidas is opening a store in the Topanga Canyon
    •  Adidas has offered NBB to grow the club in the range of $3,000-$10,000 based on both the race
      team and philanthropy.
    • Rene is working with Abby to formulate a budget that needs to be approved by Adidas.
    • In return Adidas requests we hold shoe tryouts, sprinkle in marketing and take store members out on
      runs. Christmas day is the deadline for budget to be submitted
 Next Board Meeting TBD

list action items

 Meeting adjourned at 10:35 Am
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